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The Fulfilled Veteran Project [Phase 1 or 3]

The Fulfilled Veteran Project [Phase 1 or 3]-

Veterans - Increase your VA Service Connected Disability Percentage here

After being increased to 100% Permanent and Total, I wanted to help Veterans get what You Deserve

By scheduling a time below, you are requesting a free consultation to see if you are able to receive an increase to your current VA disability rating.

Please provide the following as the foundation of our call:

-Email me a picture of your VA Disability Rating Breakdown from the ( website.

-Please log on to the site from a laptop or a PC and you can take a picture of the screen with your phone and submit for review.

-Your picture(s) should extend from the Top, where there’s a circle showing your Overall Disability Rating, all the way to the Bottom where it shows Pending Disabilities.

-My direct email is

-Also, by scheduling below you’re providing the best time for me to follow up with you to review your options.

Duration: 30 minutes

Partnership with Purpose or Brand Ambassadors

Partnership with Purpose or Brand Ambassadors - Help me Help Your Buddies

Over 95% of my Clients come from You!!!

[Great way to show True Veteran Support Traction w/in your sphere-of-influence. Marketing, Strategic Planning, Fund Raising, Sponsorships, etc.]

$40 Per Veteran

$40 Per Veteran
-$20 to the Individual Managing the Campaign for Vetting the Veterans
-$10 Donated to your org from within
-$10 Donated to your org from The Fulfilled Veteran Project

$40 Per Veteran

Brand Ambassadors
Over 90% of my clients come from word of mouth

So, we are adding a deeper level to our Partnerships with Purpose…Brand Ambassadors who can help spread the good word as quickly and intensely as possible.

Brand Ambassadors will take part in…
-Online Interviews
-Online Events [webinars/seminars etc.]
-In-person Events when possible [Special Operations Conventions, Local Veteran Events, etc.]

-1099 Status
-10% Commissions Based on Sales
-Celebrations - Working with these War Fighters is so gratifying and you’ll be on the journey with them!!!

Duration: 30 minutes

Celebration Call

Celebration Call-


Let’s have celebrate by having my kids, neighbor kids, and neighbors, [and maybe a special guest or guests] yelling at you….CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

Can you believe that I’m so busy celebrating my Patients’ successes that I needed to create a meeting for them?!?!

We will also discuss my “Now What” briefing to give you the greatest clarity on what this win means for you and your family.

So, grab your family and I’ll grab mine to share this amazing win for us all!!!!!

For Celebration Calls, please use later times so that my kids are home from school to join our celebration.

Duration: 30 minutes

Phase 2

Phase 2 - Veteran or Service Member Needing Fresh VA Claim for Service Connection


If you are Phase 2…DO NOT GET ON MY CALENDAR

I now have a Phase 2 Seminar [recording] and Phase 2 Strategy Calls that you need to register for via my website…

2 Action Items for you

1. Start Your Backpay [Your Intent to File]
2. Request my Phase 2 recording by emailing me at & register for Phase 2 Support Calls via my website …



Need a Fresh VA Claim for the No $hit List of boo boos?

[Neck, Knees, Back, Shoulders, Elbows, Headaches, Mental Health, Heartburn, etc.]

I’ll Mentor you through your journey to build your Train…..all cars in the right place for the right reason will run much smoother. Although Phase 2 takes around 6-8 months, we are in no rush because Gathering the Medical Evidence is the Most Important Part of this Phase.

Please, prior to our call, begin your Back Pay Clock and review the Slide Deck I’ll send you upon your request. Please email me and ask for the Consult Slides for your Phase 2 Journey.

Duration: 30 minutes

Collaboration Call

Collaboration Call-

Just want to connect and collaborate with me?

You’re in the right place.

Grab the best time for us to share ideas and see where that takes us.

Duration: 30 minutes

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